Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Demos for 7th Grade Art Class

I am going to be teaching a class on pastels next week in my son's school; these were test demos I did this morning to see what kind of subject lends itself best to a 15 minute demo and illustrates the points I want to cover. I decided to try a few subjects, including a few based on pop culture, which I thought would hold their interest(no boring apples and pears!). The more detailed portraits take longer to do, and could be dissapointing if you don't get a good likeness. I decided that the figure (Jay Z) was the quickest to do, is easy to replicate, and best illustrates the points I plan to make, so I will likely do that one. Then the kids will have a chance to do their own painting...should be fun!

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Jamie said...

Rhonda, how exciting! I am so impressed that you're taking this on, and took the time to test drive the demo ideas. I hope you'll post about it after the fact. 'Looking forward to all the juicy details! Will the kids all have pastels, and then go do their own drawings? Are you going to supply references for them to work from? Inquiring minds want to know! *wink*