Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Celadon Vase - repost

This wasn't picked up by the daily painters yesterday, so I'm reposting to see if the computer glitch has been worked out.


Lori said...

Beautiful! You do wonderful work. You have caught the texture and colors of the vase perfect.

bradfordbrenner said...

I just read your post from the daily painter group. First off, I would say that your work is as strong as any of the work that I've seen on the site and was surprised when you referred to your paintings as "not ready for primetime". As for being looser my advice would be to use much bigger brushes than you think you should. Leave the tiny brushes entirely out of the equation. The other thing that I find helpful is to paint really, really fast.

Rhonda Hurwitz said...

Brad-- thank you for the encouraging comments about my work...and the advice about loosening up. I believe today's painting (silk kimonos) took a step in that direction. I guess we are our own worse critics:)