Friday, November 17, 2006

A Pear, and a Story With a Happy Ending

First the story of the pear. I bought three pears with the idea of painting them: a red one, a green one, and a gold one. Ate the red one on the way home from the store, and since I had some metallic gold pastels I had never tried, decided to experiment while painting the gold pear. The metallic and irridescent pastels didn't work out the way I thought...I was expecting an effect like gold leaf, but it was much more subtle. Disappointing, actually. This wasn't the look that I was after.

But something else also happened. I had noticed over the past few days that some new Kitty Wallis paper I was using wasn't holding the pastel the way it normally does. In fact, big chunks were flaking off, making layering impossible. After a few days, I decided to call the company, to see if they had changed their product. I find a phone # online, dial it, and who should answer the phone but Kitty Wallis herself!(it sounded like I woke her out of bed...sorry, Kitty). We talked briefly about the problem I was having, and she explained that I probably received a defective lot, and she would send me replacement paper. I love a company that really stands behind their product, expecially since I had just dealt with a shoe company that wouldn't stand behind their poor product. Anyway, moral of the story: use Kitty Wallis paper (and if you have a problem, go straight to the top)!

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