Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Walking the Dogs" - Brooklyn, NY (9" x 12")

A quick sketch of a Brooklyn street. If you know the area, downtown Williamsburg has certainly changed in 60 years, when my father-in-law had his store there. Brooklyn hipsters weren't a thing back then:)   

About the painting: I worked quickly, got the mood down, and Rae stopped me from overworking things. That's the value of a great teacher. My instructor (and master pastelist) Rae Smith makes a few precise suggestions, and stops me from going to far.  I'm so lucky to be in her class.

Happy with the looseness of it! Done:)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The "L Train" (15" x 18")

Recently, I've been traveling by subway to BOND Studios every week, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. That's the home of my daughter's accessory business, BOND Hardware.

Traveling by train, you can't beat the people-watching! Some days it's hot, some day's it's rainy ... but no matter what the weather, you always see some interesting folks.

In my class, we talked about whether it's kosher to take pictures of people without their permission, to use as a subject.  I do that all the time ... thoughts?