Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mo - Great Pyrenees Pastel Pet Portrait - SOLD

A Great Pyrenees is the closest a dog comes to resembling a polar bear -- they are gentle giants, truly wonderful dogs. In my photo reference, Mo is in shadow, but I tried to create a light pattern to make him more interesting. Also, sometimes it is difficult to paint an all white or all black dog using interesting color without getting garish. In real life he is more creamy in color, but this still looks like Mo.


Jo Castillo said...

Rhonda, I like this a lot as is, in fact. The warm and cool colors really add excitement. Lovely gesture and look!

Mo said...

I am humbled. If only I looked as beautiful and regal in real life! This is truly visual magic rendering by a significantly skilled artisan. Thank you.

Mark Adams said...

Rhonda, I love all the blues, pinks and subtle creamy oranges dancing around this piece. His far off gaze is spellbinding. Fantastic work!