Monday, June 02, 2008

Sophie (Tribute to a Sweet Cat)

I had a cat named Sophie, and unexpectedly, she died.

Sophie was a courageous and independent cat. She would boldly stare down the dog she once found fearful; she would venture outside despite her once timid nature; she would demand your attention when she wanted it, and ignore you fiercely when she didn’t.

She could be really affectionate when she was in the right mood-- she'd rub up against you to be petted. Once she had enough of your hand, she’d saunter off to partake of other comforts…a warm patch of sun, the soft seat of her favorite chair, a windowsill with a nice view and a gentle breeze.

Ten years ago, she came into our lives along with mama cat Mooshie, and they have been together all these years. I imagine Mooshie will miss her the most(do cats miss each other?), but I will miss her too.

Who else will appear out of thin air when I munch on a late night Dorito, demanding I give her a taste? Walk across my desk and nuzzle me for attention when I am deep in thought? Jump up and walk across my pastels mid-painting, and then track colorful pussycat pawprints across my sofa?

Sophie effortlessly became part of our lives. She was a beautiful, soft and constant presence, and then died quietly and suddenly. She didn’t demand much, gave us love, and was one of life’s treasures that you take for granted until they are gone. We will certainly miss her.


n warner said...

Rhonda - Ever the wonder of it, how sad to miss her, but how good she was Am laughing at her little cat feet thru the pastels, love that they walk exactly where they please...Just lost my bird (13yrs) and miss his bell sounds. It is the little things and grateful for the small wonders. Sorry for your loss....nina

Artist Anika said...

Very uplifting, and yet depressing story. I love the artwork. The cat is gorgeous and this picture is a fitting tribute to a loved pet.