Monday, June 23, 2008

"Boy", a German Shepherd - 12" x 16" Pastel - SOLD

I was given this photo of a beloved German Shepherd to paint. According to his owner, Boy was big and strong, but deceptively gentle. Folks would be frightened by his looks, and he in turn was terrified of lightening.
This project presented a challenge. This was the only picture of Boy that I had as reference, and because of the indoor lighting and flash, it was less than ideal. Still, you could see his features and coloring pretty well, so I did my best--and upon seeing it, the owner remarked, "that looks just like Boy!".

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mardy said...

A beautiful story and painting but what I really want to comment on is that you have captured a certain spirit in this dog - the kindness in his eyes and his expression of willingness. You really have done a great job with this painting - a talent!!!!