Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sometimes, Less is More

Here's the problem with still life set up...take a few nice objects, put them together, and you have a still life worth painting...not! There truly is an art to setting up an interesting composition. Oh well, at least I like how the Christmas cactus came out. One of these days I will learn to edit before I jump in:)


Angela Hardy said...

Thanks Rhonda, love your pastel work!
As for the composition I think its great!!Love the color.... If you find it a little off balance a little trick I use is to shadow or color part of the back ground/or lighten it to give it more depth or to even act as another element. I often take my paintings and scan them in to photo shop to play with the image when I feel stumped.

Rhonda Hurwitz said...


I took your advise and tweaked the background...recropped too. I see some other fixes too...will play some more when I have time. Thanks for the suggestions!

Ed Terpening said...

Yes, learning to edit and simplify is a constant struggle of mine, too! I helps that I paint the first 90% of a scene (even when working in my studio from a projected digital imaage) without my glasses. I'm near-signed, so everything looks blurry, which of course allows me to more easily see color and value. Other artists squint, I get to drop my glasses down. No laser eye surgery for me, I love it