Friday, March 30, 2007


Six months ago, when I started this blog, creating a complete new painting everyday was my original goal. I was inspired by the daily painters I encountered online, and I still admire this group immensely. Becoming a member of an online artist community has also been extremely rewarding. I really enjoy our exchange of ideas about painting and life.

For me, however, it is time to change and redefine my goals and the purpose of this blog. Painting everyday, or as close to it as I can manage, has been a good discipline, and is still my goal. But I have not enjoyed the rush to finish a painting by the stroke of midnight,like some artistic Cindarella, and I need to start creating some larger works for shows and the like.

I do enjoy keeping the blog, as a visual record and written diary of my efforts, and so I will continue to update it when I have something new to post.

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Susan Borgas said...

Rhonda all the best for your new direction in your artistic endeavor. The beauty of RSS feeds is keeping up with updates of blogs; no matter how often the updates happen they are never missed if a blog doesn't post as often as they once did. I look forward to yours dropping in on my feed reader when the time is right for you.