Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Portrait WIP

First day painting in almost three weeks, and boy am I rusty! Anyway, I began this portrait as an experiment. I wanted to see if the idea of a a Bar Mitzvah portrait would have appeal as a silent auction fundraiser for my synagogue. More time is needed to bring this to completion, however I am really struggling with the overall likeness, the skintones, and the background. (Have I left anything out?)To me, besides a good likeness, a successful painted portrait must have a beauty and character that the photo reference does not have. At this point, this attempt is still pretty rough, and it is unclear to me how it will turn out. However, usually by this stage I feel pretty excited ...let's just say with this one, unless I get very lucky, I am not optimistic.


Edward B. Gordon said...

there is already something coming across.... and that is the main thing, even if it will never be completed, it is already right as it is !

rdl said...

I think it's very nice and a great idea. but i see what you mean. I don't like how he is holding the book, think it would be better down on the ?Bema, or perhaps one looking up, need to see those eyes. found you via Just painting.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh here's my good friend rdl, who's son just had his Bar Mitzvah.
At Christmas time we all had such a good laugh over Adam Sandler's Hunnakah song. That's why I added the Hebrew version of Rubber Duckie(by Bert & Ernie) to my recent post.

Thanks for your comments Rhonda, I'll be back to visit.

Gerald Schwartz said...

You have captured the feeling of importance in this moment in his life, both with rendering and color.



Parapluie said...

Very moving.

kay Crain said...

I think it looks very nice.....I like the light on the right side and the beautiful blue . I think you did a great job.