Thursday, February 01, 2007

Le Jardin de Roi (Cafe Scene), Tuscan Sunflowers, etc., Giclee Prints

Well, I'm going on a short trip, and won't be able to paint for a while. Just thought I'd post a couple of larger paintings of mine, which are available in giclee prints and were painted in a warmer season, to warm up those cold February days in the Northeast!(Incidentally, the scans all seem to have a blue cast to them...not sure why. I'll have to figure this out on my return.)


kay Crain said...

Love all of these, especially the cafe scene. Beautiful color. Doesn't look bluish on my screen.

Anonymous said...

All 3 of these are gorgeous! I just love your pastels!

Lori said...

These all look beautiful, not too blue on my screen either.


olivia Lung said...

Hi Rhonda:

Love the cafe one, but they are all great!

Olivia Lung