Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Equal Time (Cat Portrait ) - 9 x 12" Pastel

This portrait of my cat Mooshie was sitting in the unframed pile; today I added some finishing touches and framed it, for another silent auction I am donating to. I hope that participating in these charity events leads to some new commissions.. time will tell!
Also, with this painting, I figured out how to photograph something under glass without getting reflections, which is nice to know when you need a photo of something already framed. All I did was position the light source off to the side at a 45 degree angle--I can't remember where I read that, but I tried it and it worked!


Jelaine Faunce said...

What a sweet kitten!

rdl said...

sweet, reminds me of my Dakota cat who died last yr. at age 15.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Hey, its' rdl, my good friend and the person who introduced me to Duane Keiser's Painting A Day and to blogging.
I'm way back in your archives because I haven't been to your blog since forever, but I remember your work.
This cat also resembles my Wendell.