Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Some Thoughts on the Season

All of a sudden it is the middle of December, and life has been overtaken by holiday preparations, get-to-gethers, and other year-end commitments. Painting a daily painting just isn't going to happen over these next two weeks, and I have just come to terms with that. Instead, I am trying to carve time out each day, including some studio time, to:

a) Do some "quick fixes" (which often aren't so quick) on paintings that otherwise are done and ready to frame

b) Finish two larger works I begain earlier in the year

c) Advance the marketing projects I want to address come January (ready a portfolio for galleries, find venue for solo show, prepare slides for juried shows/PSA, develop web site/blog for larger works, market giclee prints of larger paintings, ad to obtain local pet portrait commissions).

So I am wishing all a very happy holiday season. I feel very blessed and grateful for all the blessings of my life, and hope that anyone reading this can say the same. The next time I will post here will be when I have something new to show...which might not be until January!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Best Friends (Woody and Buzz, Two Yellow Labs) - 9" x 10" Pastel

Everyone who knows me knows that I love dogs, and that I have a Sheltie named Trixie. But if I didn't have a Sheltie, maybe I'd have a Lab...you gotta love 'em! These two handsome guys belong to my friend Lori.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Beautiful Music (Street Performer With Violin, Italy) - 6"x 9" Pastel '

This is a quick study of one of the street musicians I encountered in Venice last summer, who really hammed it up for me (well, it cost me a Euro, but what are vacations for?). One other kind of street performer I loved (but neglected to take a picture of) were the many art students in Florence drawing with chalk in the streets...Botticelli, da Vinci...all the great Italian painters were represented!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kelly (Wheaton Terrier Dog) - 10 x 10" Pastel

This portrait of a Wheaton Terrier was a commission. The photo was provided by the client, and then I took some liberties with it; improving the background, adding the ball, and adding a slightly different facial expression. I tried to express this dog's personality; Kelly is an adorable, affectionate and energetic dog, always wagging that little tail of hers, bringing you her ball, ready for a game of fetch. I am putting the finishing touches on the painting, and will deliver it tomorrow. I hope they will be happy with it!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Young Girl in Costume - Copyright (or Copywrong!!!)

I won't be posting a daily painting for a few days; I am working on a commission that must be finished this week.

I am posting this because it brings up an interesting copyright issue. This pastel painting is one that I did last year, working from a photo that captured my interest. I loved the girls expression, and the colors in her costume were wonderful to paint. I did not have the photographer's permission to paint this, however...in fact, I don't even know who the photographer is. I just saw it in a magazine and painted it on a whim. I am sure that because of this, I cannot sell it; no matter...it hangs in my home, and I love looking at it.

Do any of you daily painters ever run into this? You see a photo that you did not take, and you do a painting based on it? I see photos all the time that I like, but rarely paint from them because I feel that deep down, it is wrong. But sometimes I will see derivative works in a gallery or artshow based on photos that the artist did not take. I just wonder what the ethics are. Comments, anyone?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Untied (Baseball and Glove) - 8 x 10" Pastel

The subject is my husband's 40 year old baseball glove. Even with the laces coming apart, we still use it!