Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Drawings: Samir

Weekend workshop with Melanie -- always a great life drawing intensive. In 2 days, she pushes you to work fast, a good refresh of some important concepts and some new ones.  Pick your charcoal up!  Complete your shapes! Follow the direction! Work from the inside out! Do your thumbnails!  All good:)

The Purple Kimono (Charcoal, Pastel)

A quick drawing at Melanie Reim's studio. Started with compressed charcoal, wanted to try a hit of color, tried soft pastel dipped in water. Didn't work! Maybe oil pastel would be better?

Some more quick sketches of Erica. She was a beautiful model to draw.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Study in Oil: Lauren (24" x 30")

Painting the figure again, with Dean Fisher:

His model Lauren is amazing. I feel like the skin tones are the successful part of this painting. There are a few things I would change/rework -- hands, proportion of head in relation to the figure, the background -- but onto the next. 

Still Life: Cup of Tea (Acrylic, 12"x 12")

I've started going to the Art Students League on Saturday mornings, for a class with Karen O'Neil. A recent still life:

P.S. The smallest painting tip can make a huge difference. In Karen's demo, she made black by mixing ultramarine and burnt umber ...  then, by adding white, a warmer or cooler gray depending on how much ultramarine or burnt umber. Mind blown.

Drawings: Dana Watching TV

Sketches of Dana, while watching TV. The profile drawing looks a little like me at the same age:)

Urban Sketch Drawings: Florida

I've started traveling with sketchbook in hand. A few drawings from a recent trip to Florida:

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Oil Painting: Still Life with Pears

A break from plein air landscapes. Pears, painted outdoors under the sun in early fall ... then eaten:)

Plein Air Painting in the Dordogne

After painting outdoors with Dean Fisher locally this past summer, I attended his plein air workshop in the Dordogne Valley of France. What I appreciate most about working with Dean is how he helps each artist build a solid plein air painting practice. We start each day reviewing foundational concepts (thumbnails, design, composition, etc.), looking at a wide range of other artist work for inspiration, and with a demo. All in all, the perfect catalyst for growth.

Check out:  https://deanfisherworkshops.com/

Study in Oil: Self Portrait

Rainy day break from painting en plein air -- a quick self portrait, and a fun doodle. When you don't have a handy subject, just look in the mirror.

Alla Prima Portraits: Girl With Pink Hair, Girl with Blue Dress, Girl with Green Sweater

2.5 hours with a few lovely young models. I'm a bit rusty, but it's fun to get back to alla prima portrait painting.

Life Drawings: Fall, 2019

Life drawing with various models.

Life Drawing: Full Frontal!

I don't pick the poses ... I just draw them!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Location Drawings: Whole Foods Cafe, Sarlat

Usually I don't post these quick location drawings, but I took my time with this one, and I like the way it came out.

And this pen and ink sketch, from Sarlat, with a water color wash:

NOLA Reportage Trip: Drawings

Artist and illustrator Melanie Reim led a reportage trip to New Orleans, where the goal was to learn to create a narrative about place, people and events through drawing. We began each day reviewing basic concepts (thumbnails, design, composition, etc.) and ended with a group crit, to learn from each other's work. It's much more interesting to record a personal response to a place, than to just draw precisely what you see. A few drawings below:

Jazz Musicians at Cafe Beignet:

The French Quarter, Jackson Square

Zydeco at Mulates:

The French Market