Thursday, November 08, 2018

"Paint Looser!" Oil Portrait of Young Girl (study 18" x 24")

Rhonda, paint looser! Less detail! You're making a painting, not an architectural drawing ...

Ismael Checo says this every week, so today I tried to be more spontaneous. No drawing, no measuring ... something completely different for me.

Well it was fun, even though there are lots of flaws. A good exercise -- less accurate, but more painterly?

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Seated Nude: 'Susan' -- 18" x 24" Oil Painting (Study)

For this study, we drew the model to get the proportions right (on a neutral mid tone -- a cool gray-violet), before painting her. I like the drawing -- but hands, feet, and arms still need some work.

Re: skin tones, teacher and artist Dean Fisher says to paint the shadows cooler, so the lights read warmer. His advice helped my painting. Now that I've posted it, I'm noticing that some shadows could be even cooler!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Portrait of Asia: 3' x 5' (Acrylic)

We painted a lovely model named Asia in David Fox's contemporary painting class today.

The goal of this class is to be experimental. We use cheap paint (Rustoleum), work on cheap paper (cardboard), and use cheap housepainter brushes; we work large,  and see what kind of painting we can make in 2 hours.

I like today's brushwork, and the limited palette worked better than some others I've done. I had fun, and was happy with the painting.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Interesting exercise: 20 minute value study

In his figure painting class, artist and instructor Dean Fisher had us begin by doing a quick, 20 minute study on a toned panel, focusing on defining the light areas and letting the toned panel stand in for the shadow/mid tones.

My mistake was trying to define the shadow area on her upper torso ... would have been better to let your mind fill in those details. Interesting exercise!

Figure Study: Those Damn Legs!

I had a second week to work on the monotone figure from last week, and spent most of the time trying to correct her legs and bring them forward. (painting on top) Not sure it improved matters!

I actually liked her better rounder and softer.

Third time's the charm? 3 studies of the same model

Today I  painted this model for the third time (far right).  

I made her head larger, toned down the background, and tried to apply what I learned in Dean Fisher's class (define the light areas). I was happier with the brushwork -- IMO more expressive.

Ismael says to paint looser ... but how? He suggested I study the figurative works of J. Sorolla.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Portrait: 2 studies of the same model

I struggled today -- what a mess. Ismael's observation is that I start out trying to be too precise. His advice for next time is to begin with looser and more gestural brushwork.

My own observation is a) move the easel when I don't like the pose, to find a more interesting view, and b) when the first block in is poor (which it was!) scrub it out and start over, and c) when the backdrop doesn't compliment the model, change it. UGH.

I painted today's model 6 months ago (left) and then again today (right).

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Life Painting: Study of a Seated Woman (16" x 20")

I started a new life painting class today, with artist Dean Fisher, at the Silvermine Art Center in CT. Based on the first class, he'll be an excellent teacher.

Today I worked monochromatically, and the drawing and initial block in got off to a good start. The same model will pose next week -- looking forward to finishing what I started.

Every class builds on skills gained from the one before it: Today, I was thinking about Melanie Reim's life drawing instruction, and Ismael Checo and David Fox's painting ideas.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Life Drawing: Gray scale vs. Color!

Today, David Fox talked about the British painter Euan Uglow. So for the final 20 minute pose, I tried to define each contiguous plane with color, despite limited pastels on hand. 

Even though the colors completely lacked the subtle beauty of Uglow, I made an interesting discovery when I looked at the image in grey scale. At least the values worked:) 

It was a fun 20 minute exercise. Check out Uglow's paintings if you don't know his work. Amazing.

Study of Girl (16" x 20" Oil Portrait)

We painted this lovely model in Ismael Checo's class last week.

Her skin tones presented a challenge, especially in shadow. At one point, Ismael mixed a greenish color on my palette and pointed to where it should go (cheek, neck, eyebrow). I gasped! .... then added it and of course it was spot on.

This portrait would have fallen very short without Ismael's color nudge!